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October 2023

Acts 13:2-4; While they were serving the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set Barnabas and Saul apart for Me for the work to which I have called them.”  Then, when they had fasted, prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.  So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia and from there they sailed to Cyprus.
                Fall has arrived!  I am sure you have felt the difference in temperature, seen the darkness of evening arrive a little sooner and felt those refreshing cooler days (relatively speaking). 
                Even more refreshing than these things is the certainty of knowing that Jesus is Alive and guiding us through every season of life.  His word is our source of comfort, strength and guidance for whatever we may be facing. 
                Some times finding that out can be a bit more challenging than other times though.  Making decisions about sin and righteousness are fairly straightforward in scripture.  Those are the simple ones.  But what about when we have big decisions facing us?  Decisions that are not clearly resolved in Scripture?  Whether there is a big decision in life or a seemingly simple one, we have all asked how we can know what to do.  As followers of Jesus, we desire that He rule over every choice we make.  We want all our decisions to honor and glorify Him above all. 
                The refreshing news is that God has a way for us to be guided by Him even in those times.  To be sure, the principles I am about to share with you can be implemented in your life when you come to a crossroads.  But my main desire is to show us as a Church, how we are to navigate these decisions.  As we enter into a season of more intentional planning, ministry structure, building projects, and ministry opportunity and activity, it is of upmost importance that we all are following God’s will and design. If we do this then we will be sure to be following His leading in all areas. 
                In Acts 13 the church is about to expand it’s ministry outreach and opportunity.  They had been growing over the years and it was time to move out even more.  Let me share with you how this church in Antioch pursued and found God’s will to move forward. 

Faithfulness through the bad and good times – Do your soul a favor, and go back to read Acts 11:19-30.  In this account we find the formation of this church.  It was started and maintained through persecution, mockery, tough financial times, and fruitful ministry seasons!  And they kept going.  Sound familiar!  WBC has this legacy as well, thanks to all of you. 
Be faithful in what God gives you and He will give you more – The overriding principle in scripture is that if you are faithful with little then you will be faithful with more.  The church at Antioch was that!  In Acts 13:1 you see that they were a microcosm of what God would use them to do.  God was going to use them to reach out more because they were already reaching where they were.

Be dedicated and intentional in our service – Verse 2 says “while they were serving and fasting”.  When God wants to do something He doesn’t go pick up someone who doesn’t have time for Him.  He picks someone who is already taking their task seriously.  God is pushing the bounds of WBC and what we are doing because He is using us and wants to use us even more.

Be diligent listeners – The Holy Spirit was able to speak to and lead this church because they were habitual listeners.  That’s why they were fasting.  We often want God to lead but we’re too busy telling Him where to take us. 
Continue to keep your priorities – Notice in verse 3 they kept doing the same thing they were doing in verse 2.  They did this because there were priorities that never got replaced, no matter the movement of the ministry. 
Let me reiterate this, the priorities that have made WBC what it is today, will not and can not change.

                The great news of this is that when they made a move, it was right in line with what the Holy Spirit wanted to them to do.  That is the goal!  That is the burn of my life and the desire of our church as well.
                So here is my challenge to all of us.  Are we faithful, are we diligent, are we praying, are we serving, are we fasting, are we prioritizing?  As long as we are, we will be keeping in step with what the Lord wants for us!  And that beloved, is the greatest thrill in life! 
Seeking God’s will with you and for you
Pastor Brandon  

October Dates to Remember & Announcements

*Sunday, October 1st: Deacon meeting at 2pm, Church Conference at 5pm
*Monday, October 2nd: Card Outreach will be meeting at 10am in the Fellowship Hall
*Wednesday, October 4th: Food Pantry 4-6pm, WOM Meeting 6pm, HOBO Meal 6pm, Bible Study 7pm.
*Thursday, October 5th: Prayer at the Pole OGMS 7:25am, Senior Friendly Club Movie Afternoon beginning at 2pm, Choir Practice at 6pm.
*Friday, October 6th: Feed OGHS Football in the Fellowship Hall.
*Saturday, October 7th: Baptist Men Meeting 8am
Wednesday, October 11th: Ministry Planning Meeting 6pm, Youth Meal 6pm, Bible Study 7pm
*Thursday, October 12th: Choir Practice 6pm
*Friday, October 13th: Setup in the Fellowship Hall for the Fall Bazaar
*Saturday, October 14th: Ashley's Birthday, Fall Bazaar from 9am-1pm.
*Sunday, October 15th: Youth Bible Study following the 11am service
*Wednesday, October 18th: Baptist Men Meal at 6pm, Bible Study at 7pm
*Thursday, October 19th: Choir Practice at 6pm
*Friday, October 20th: Feed OGHS Band at OGHS
*Wednesday, October 25th: Kids Ty-Dye Party, WOM Meal at 6pm, Bible Study at 7pm
*Thursday, October 26th: Newsletter Entries due by 9am, Choir Practice at 6pm
*Friday, October 27th: Set up/prep for Trunk or Treat
*Saturday, October 28th: Trunk or Treat 4-7pm
**Welcome to our newest member: Katelyn Foster**

Wednesday Night  in the Fellowship Hall

Join us in the Fellowship Hall for a  meal, prayer, worship and bible study
Meal Schedule:
HOBO Meal: October 4th
Youth Meal: October 11th
Baptist Men Meal: October 18th
WOM Meal: October 25th

Meals begin at 6pm with Bible Study beginning at 7pm.
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In Memory of Martha Hicks by Phyllis Cash
In Memory of Martha Hicks by Joel & Phyllis Lemly
In Memory of Martha Hicks by Aunts:Peggy, Jewel, Josia; and Cousins: Susan, Beverly, Sally, & Dennis.
In Memory of Betty Craven by Bill & Janice Huesman
In Memory of Liz Boger by Bill & Janice Huesman
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In Memory of Joey Sapp by Sherry Sapp
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Altar Flower Sign Ups are in the hall by the little lambs nursery. Please let the office know if you would like a special recognition to be put in the bulletins by the Wednesday before your flowers will be on the altar. You can also sign up by clicking the link below to email the office. Please note that the date you request may already be taken, the office will let you know. IF you are having flowers delivered they must be delivered by that Friday between 8:30am and 11:30am.

Deacons Service for the Month of October

Week of the 1st ~Mike Williams
Week of the 8th ~Cody Clay
Week of the 15th ~ Brandon Griggs
Week of the 22nd ~ Jeff Beasley
Week of the 29th ~ Tim Coe

Getting Involved

All Believers are created, gifted and mandated to serve. It is our desire here at WBC to help you find your place in the body of Christ. WBC has many opportunities come up throughout the year where we need a few extra hands and donations to help with services and other volunteer work. Descriptions of our ministries and missions are linked just above. Below you will find links to our community events coming up soon that could use some help.  For monetary gifts please scroll up to the top of the page and click on the Give link.
If you would like to sign up to help with any of our opportunities or any of our ministries please fill out the “Volunteer Contact Form” by clicking on the button below that says Volunteer.

Giving Opportunities:
We have many opportunities to help the community and one way is by donations. This helps support our many ministries, as well as, our out-reach programs. From item donations to monetary donations, we work to help our local community thrive by spreading the help and the gospel. In addition to your tithes you can get involved  financially with our ministries by donating at any   service, mail in, or online to the ministry or mission of your choice. Just mark that additional envelope with the name of the ministry or mission or select that ministry or mission when giving online. Extra Envelopes are available in the Vestibule. If mailing in please clearly write your   ministry or mission of choice in the note section of your check or include a note with your donation.

click the link with the event you are interested in to find out more information and how to get involved. 

WBC Members

Peggy Adams
Max & Orilee Evington
Van & Donna Reece
Ronnie & Carol Beck
Joann Roumillat
Betty Burns
Martha Jenkins
Lib Staley
Mable Choate
Ann Martin
Steve Motsinger
Grace Williard
Arthur & Beverly Dale
Beverly Davis
Barbara Quin
Cathy White

Prayer Needs Beyond Us

Praying for our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering for their faith as they share the love of Jesus with those around them.

~Our Missionsaries
~International Turmoil
~Our Leaders to make wise and godly decisions
~First Responders
~Military Personnel & Their Families
(1 Timothy 2:1-4)

Assisted Living & Homebound Members

Tom Gallimore
Clara Motsinger
Lynn Whitman
Sarah Hines
Genene Watson
Sandra Yokeley

Our Friends and Loved Ones

All the unspoken prayer requests
Bill Fletcher ~ Father of Katie Motsinger
Scott Gladden ~ Nephew of Beverly Dale
Jeanette Kornahrens ~ Cousin of Jo Ann Roumillat
Johnny Kornahrens ~ Cousin of Jo Ann Roumillat
Family Of Martha Hicks
Thomas Lahayne ~ Family of Carl & Linda Atkins
Peggy Dezearn ~ Friend of Debbie Johnson
Sylvia Hilliard ~ Sister of Gary Hassell
Larry Goudy ~ Friend of the Dale’s
Steve Edwards ~ Friend of Rocky Rothrock
Bill Wright ~ Family of Dora Troutman
Peggy & Wendel Troutman ~ Family of Dora      Troutman
John & Betty Wall ~ Family of Dora Troutman
Colby Miller ~ Cousin of Beverly Dale
Pete Towery ~ Cousin of Beverly Dale
Larry & Carolyn Grant ~ Friends of Ann Martin
Diana Bennett ~ Friend of Connie Larson
Arlene Roberts ~ Friend of Ashley Reynolds

Ministries & Missions ~ Click on the pictures to check out this month's letters from the ministry leaders.

Baptist Men ~ Men of All Ages
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WOM ~ Women of All Ages
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Senior Citizens Ministry ~ Senior Friendly Club
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Community Outreach & Missions
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Hwy 109 Youth ~ Middle through High School Students
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Little Lambs ~ Nursery
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Shining Stars ~ Preschool
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Kingdom Kids ~ Elementary School Age. Click on the picture to find out more

Reminders of Upcoming and On Going Events

*Sowing Seeds Ministry: Used Bible and Christian Literature Collection. Boxes at all entrances. Contact Tim Coe for more information.

*Feeding OGHS Football on Friday, October 6th. If you would like to help please contact Carol Tilley

*Trunk or Treat is around the corner, we are in need of candy or monetary donations to help purchase candy and Trunks. Sign ups are around the Church. Trunk or Treat is October 28th 4-7pm

Fall Bazaar is on Saturday, October 14th, from 9am-1pm

Meet the Church Staff

Click any picture to see more information on the WBC Staff

Brandon Wolfe

Pastor & Teacher

JC Bentley

Youth Pastor

Ron Mabe

Music Director and Pianist

Ashley Reynolds

Ministry Assistant
Church office hours are Monday - Thursday: 8:30am-2:30pm and Friday: 8:30am-11:30am If you need to reach the office please call 336-769-2422
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