Weekly Bulletin

October 1st, 2023

Thank you for checking out our digital weekly bulletin. Here you will find all of the information found in our printed weekly bulletin available during Sunday Services.  It was designed to easily follow along with either of our Sunday Worship Services, keep you informed on the weekly and monthly happenings and any events coming soon.  You will be able to find our Prayer Request List and a link to our prayer request form if you need to add or update the list.  You will also be able to quickly find the links for different events, allowing you to sign up to volunteer for that event, information on how to donate to that event, or have all the information to attend an event. At the Bottom you will also find links to our ministry pages, and contact forms should you have any questions or would like to reach out to our pastors. We hope that you enjoy the service and the bulletin and hope you will join us all the time.

Worship Services 8:45am and 11am


Welcome & Opening Prayer
Youth Pastor JC/Deacon of the Week
Worshipping Together
Led by Ron Mabe
Song 1: The Heart of Worship.................... Pg 127 Song 2: Enough.................................................. Pg 114
Time of Offering
Prayer & Song: Let Jesus Come into Your Heart...... Pg 416
At this time Shining Stars with Mrs. Angie and Kingdom Kids with Mrs. Sarah depart to their classrooms. Ushers will come forward to pray and collect offerings.
Special Music
By the WBC Choir
The Message
With Pastor Brandon
"A Movable Church"................. Part 1 Scripture......................... Acts 13:1-13
Our Deacons will be passing out communion elements & we invite all believers to join us in celebrating the Lord’s Table. *If you need a gluten free option for communion please see a deacon.
Closing Worship
Jesus Is Tenderly Calling ..... Pg 417
Altar is open at this time for prayer
Closing Prayer
Weekly Check In: September 17th
Tithing Needed: $5175.96
Tithing Received: $5392.50
Attendance: 187
Sunday School Attendance: 74

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Here are our current happenings and events coming soon. For more information on events please click on their links. If you would like to donated to any of these event please scroll up to the top and click on give then you can select who/what to give your donation to, if you do not see what you want to donate to on our list please select general offering and notate in the memo section that you would like your donation to go to that mission. You can also do all your general offerings there. 
*Sowing Seeds Ministry: Used Bible and Christian Literature Collection. Boxes at all entrances. Contact Tim Coe for more information.
*Photo Directory: Its that time again. Please submit your family photo/updated photo for the directory. Most of the photos in our current directory are now a few years old. So please consider sending in an updated photo of you/your family(immediate family living with you) to the office.  In your email please verify your name (and family members names), birthdays, address, phone and email. If you have any questions please contact the office.

Food Pantry

Sponsor a Family-September the Food Pantry had the honor of serving 43 families. This month we are asking you to get connected and sponsor a family with a Basic Box. We ask that you pray over it and join us in helping families in our community. Questions, please see Beverly Dale or Angie Coe. 
Basic Box Shopping List: Catsup~24oz, Mayonnaise~15oz, Mustard~8oz, Vegetable Oil~ 16oz, Spray Oil~ 8oz, Flour~2Lbs, Baked Beans~15oz, Corn~15oz, Canned Chicken~5oz, Chicken Noodle Soup~10.5oz.  Please return this box by Sunday, October 1st, at the latest.
Food Pantry will be open on Wednesday, October 4th, 4-6pm

Happening Today...

Deacon Meeting at 2pm
Church Conference at 5pm, all are welcome.
The Future Planning Committee will be presenting updates on plans for the Church.

Happening This Week...

Prayer at the Pole: Meet at WES at 7am and OGMS at 7:25am the first Thursday of each month. October Prayer is on Thursday, October 5th.
Senior Friendly Club will be having a movie afternoon on Thursday, October 5th, in the Fellowship Hall beginning at 2pm.
Feed OGHS Football: Friday October 6th, please arrive by 3pm to help with this meal in the Fellowship Hall. 
Baptist Men will be having a morning meeting with Breakfast and fellowship on Saturday, October 7th, beginning at 8am, Meeting in the Fellowship Hall.

Fall Bazaar: Saturday, October 14th, 9am-1pm

The Fall Bazaar is just around the corner if you are interested in setting up as a vendor please follow the link and register for the event. If you are interested in helping with the event in general please contact Carol Tilley. 

Trunk or Treat

This year the WBC annual Trunk or Treat will be held on Saturday, October 28th, from 4-7pm
If you are interested in more information please click the link. Candy donation now being accepted(or monetary donation marked Trunk or Treat) and Trunk sign ups now happening.

Burg Bash: April 27, 2024

The Burg Bash is coming in 2024. If you or anyone you know is interested in signing up please click the link that says Burg Bash and fill out the registration information.  If you have any questions please email the office. Volunteer signups now available through the link as well.
**NC State Missions Donation Collection Last Call! Please make sure to turn in any NC State Mission Donations by today, Sunday, October 1st.  If you would like to donate to the NC State Missions please make sure to mark your donation for NC State Missions. If giving online please make sure to select the NC State Missions Fund.

General Reminders:
*If you are not receiving our weekly phone tree calls and/or our monthly newsletters please contact the office immediately see the link below.
*Make sure to check out our events on the homepage (or click the link below that says events) to stay current with what is going on around here you can also check out our Facebook page: @wallburgbaptist
*Choir practice is on Thursdays at 6pm. Please contact Ron Mabe if you would like to join and for any updates on practices.

Wednesday Night  in the Fellowship Hall

Join us in the Fellowship Hall for a meal, prayer, worship and bible study. Meals begin at 6pm and Bible Study at 7pm.
Meal Schedule:
HOBO Meal: October 4th (sign ups in the Fellowship Hall)
Youth Meal: October 11th
Baptist Men Meal: October 18th
WOM Meal: October 25th

WBC Members

Peggy Adams
Max & Orilee Evington
Van & Donna Reece
Ronnie & Carol Beck
Joann Roumillat
Betty Burns
Martha Jenkins
Lib Staley
Mable Choate
Ann Martin
Steve Motsinger
Grace Williard
Arthur & Beverly Dale
Beverly Davis
Barbara Quin
Cathy White

Prayer Needs Beyond Us

Praying for our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering for their faith as they share the love of Jesus with those around them.

~Our Missionsaries
~International Turmoil
~Our Leaders to make wise and godly decisions
~First Responders
~Military Personnel & Their Families
(1 Timothy 2:1-4)

Assisted Living & Homebound Members

Tom Gallimore
Clara Motsinger
Lynn Whitman
Sarah Hines
Genene Watson
Sandra Yokeley

Our Friends and Loved Ones

All the unspoken prayer requests
Dori Knight ~ Friend of Tracy Long
Arlene Roberts ~ Friend of Ashley Reynolds
Bill Fletcher ~ Father of Katie Motsinger
Scott Gladden ~ Nephew of Beverly Dale
Jeanette Kornahrens ~ Cousin of Jo Ann Roumillat
Johnny Kornahrens ~ Cousin of Jo Ann Roumillat
Family Of Martha Hicks
Thomas Lahayne ~ Family of Carl & Linda Atkins
Peggy Dezearn ~ Friend of Debbie Johnson
Sylvia Hilliard ~ Sister of Gary Hassell
Larry Goudy ~ Friend of the Dale’s
Steve Edwards ~ Friend of Rocky Rothrock
Bill Wright ~ Family of Dora Troutman
Peggy & Wendel Troutman ~ Family of Dora      Troutman
John & Betty Wall ~ Family of Dora Troutman
Colby Miller ~ Cousin of Beverly Dale
Pete Towery ~ Cousin of Beverly Dale
Larry & Carolyn Grant ~ Friends of Ann Martin

Ministries & Missions ~ Click on the pictures to find out more about what our ministries are all about. 

Baptist Men ~ Men of All Ages
Click on the picture to find out more
WOM ~ Women of All Ages
Click on the picture to find out more
Senior Citizens Ministry ~ Senior Friendly Club
Click on the picture to find out more
Community Outreach & Missions
Click on the picture to find out more
Hwy 109 Youth ~ Middle through High School Students
Click on the picture to find out more
Kingdom Kids ~ Elementary School Age.  Click on the picture to find out more
Shining Stars ~ Preschool
Click on the picture to find out more
Little Lambs ~ Nursery
Click on the picture to find out more

Getting Involved

All Believers are created, gifted and mandated to serve. It is our desire here at WBC to help you find your place in the body of Christ. WBC has many opportunities come up throughout the year where we need a few extra hands and donations to help with services and other volunteer work. Descriptions of our ministries and missions are linked just above. Below you will find links to our community events coming up soon that could use some help.  For monetary gifts please scroll up to the top of the page and click on the Give link. 

click the link with the event you are interested in to find out more information and how to get involved. 

Meet the Church Staff

Click any picture to see more information on the WBC Staff

Brandon Wolfe

Pastor & Teacher

JC Bentley

Youth Pastor

Ron Mabe

Music Director and Pianist

Ashley Reynolds

Ministry Assistant
Church office hours are Monday - Thursday: 8:30am-2:30pm and Friday: 8:30am-11:30am If you need to reach the office please call 336-769-2422
Click on Mission and Vision Statements to learn more about the Church.